Weld County Garage Introduces New Logo



Weld County Garage is excited to unveil our new dealership logo! This logo was chosen to represent our 108-year history serving the Greeley community.

We started selling buggies and shoeing horses in 1901, then transitioned to the automobile business and became the first Buick dealership west of the Mississippi in 1908. From there we added GMC trucks to our inventories in 1912 and even sold appliances in our showroom right along with our vehicles for a time at our 8th Avenue location in downtown Greeley.

In 1949 a sign was commissioned for the top of our original location at 8th avenue and 10th street. That sign has been a centerpiece for our dealership since then and came with us when we moved to our current 12 acre location in 2003. The font used on this sign has been part of our logo since the 1950’s and this sign became a part of the Greeley Historical Register in 1996. In 2008 we had our 100th anniversary for our dealership and at that time we created a

new logo to memorialize that event. Over the last 8 years we have continued using a variation of that logo, but now we’ve decided to bring back a more simplified version that highlights the sign that has become such a large part of our story.

We’re excited to unveil this logo as a modern version of a symbol of our history here in Greeley. We look forward to using […]

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Under the Hood with Nico Lutz

This month with Under the Hood at Greeley Subaru, we would like to recognize one of our Subaru Technicians, Nico Lutz.








Q: What is your favorite part of working at Subaru and Mazda? Being able to work with everybody that cares for the same thing and has the same passion about automobiles. Q: What is your job position? I am a Subaru Technician. Q: What was your first job? Working at a skateboard shop.





  Q: What makes you happiest in life? Being able to enjoy doing the things I do with the people I love. Meaning anything will make me happy, not possessions. I’m kind of a philosopher that’s why.

  Q: What’s the strangest thing in your refrigerator right now? Lets see here…I think the strangest thing would be asparagus, because I hate asparagus. Q: What is your favorite nickname? So my favorite nickname I’ve ever gotten would be from my mother…it would be Dinkis (he starts laughing). Some of the others have just been awful. Dinkis is the best!

  Q: What is one goal you have for yourself this year? I have a bunch of them but the biggest one I need to work on is to budget money, so that I can save to buy a house. That’s not the coolest goal ever but…


Q: Describe […]

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“Big Red Machine” 2015 GMC Canyon SLE 4WD Crew Cab

BIG – GMC’s 2015 Canyon is larger than last year’s model (well, prior model, that being the 2012), with an increase of between 5.3″ and 17.5″ in length and a whopping 11.3″ in height .  That longer length dimension represents an additional offering for 2015; a crew cab with a 6.2′ pickup bed.  Weight of the new GMC comes in at 3,944 lbs., an increase of 352 lbs. over the 2012 counterpart.  Towing and payload capacities are up for the new GMC’s, as is the number of transmission speeds and the wheelbase (two wheelbase options are available for 2015 – 128.3″ and 140.5″).

RED – The latest test truck that I had possession of was painted Cardinal red, and featured a Jet black cloth interior.  The truck was supplied by Weld County Garage in Greeley, CO, and it had as an option the All-Terrain package for $1,190.00.  The base price of the loaner was $34,010.00, and other options included an SLE convenience package for $500.00, premium Bose stereo for $500.00, 8″ touchscreen infotainment center with navigation for $495.00, and a trailering equipment package for $250.00.  With freight of $925.00, the M.S.R.P. therefore came to $37,870.00.

MACHINE – The Canyon that I drove was equipped with the 3.6 liter (217 c.i.d.) V-6 with 305 horsepower (6,800 rpm) and 269 lb. ft. of torque (4,300 rpm).  It’s […]

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