A Leading GMC Dealer Near Fort Collins Highlights The Important Of Wheel Alignment

If your car feels shaky and the steering wheel is vibrating, chances are that your vehicle needs its wheels aligned.  Our dealership thinks it’s imperative for all drivers to understand why proper wheel alignment is important.

At Weld County Garage Buick GMC, our GMC dealer serving Fort Collins, we offer a state-of-the-art service department that can take care of your car’s wheel maintenance.  Wheel alignment is a common service need.  It involves adjusting three main angles of your tires to ensure that your vehicle is driving where you point the steering wheel.

Over time, your car’s suspension endures enough wear and tear from the road to jostle things out of position.  This is something that happens to every vehicle. Even things that seem minor, like driving over a speed bump too quickly or bumping into a curb, can affect your vehicle’s suspension and steering.

Have you noticed that your vehicle’s steering wheel is off center even when the car is driving straight?  If so, you’re in need of a wheel alignment.  The more time your drive a misaligned vehicle, the more damage you’ll cause so it’s important to get the alignment taken care of as soon as possible.  Poor alignment also causes the lifespan of your tires to suffer.  Tires are expensive, so taking proper care of your vehicle’s tires can save you money in the long run.

The Benefits Of Proper Tire Alignment

Proper wheel alignment will also save you […]

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Under the Hood at Weld County Garage- World Class Technicians

This month with Under the Hood at Weld County Garage, we would like to recognize our World Class Technicians.

World Class Technicians are the one and only GM experts!

World Class Technicians complete more than 650 hours of training to obtain their World Class status. They achieve this elite status after satisfying the strict requirements for their respective Mechanical area, which includes obtaining Master Technician Certification (MTC) in select areas. Technicians maintain this status as long as they achieve 100% STS annually for the area(s) in which they are certified.

Less than 3% of all GM techs are World Class, and we are lucky to have not only one, but 4 World Class Technicians!  We interviewed each of these men this month to get to know them more.







Bill Crabtree:

How long have you worked at Weld County Garage?

30 years

To you, what does it mean to be a World Class Technician? The ultimate achievement that I could receive from GM. How long did it take you to achieve that status? 2 years

  How does it help you in your career?

It allows me confidence in my day to day abilities.




  What are you hobbies outside of work? Officiating high school sports, skiing, surfing, golfing. My favorite sport to officiate is the one I’m doing at the time.

What makes you happiest in […]

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One of the Leading Greeley Car Dealerships Fills Us In On How Our Car Gadgets Work

If you have a relatively new vehicle, chances are it’s packed with innovative features.  The past few years have seen a major increase in different gadgets offered in vehicles.  At Weld County Garage Buick GMC, one of the leading Greeley car dealers, we’re sure you’re curious about how these gadgets work.

A keyless ignition system is the epitome of convenience.  With a keyless ignition system, there’s no fumbling around for the key fob.  You can keep your key fob in your pocket; a sensor will detect the key fob’s presence in the car and start it.  All you have to do is push a button on the dash, press the brake, and voila!

In today’s world, getting somewhere you’ve never driven before is simple, thanks to navigation systems.  The days of reading a map are over!  Navigation systems give you turn-by-turn directions – simply plug in your origin and desired destination.  Many vehicles offer factory-installed navigation systems, but you can buy portable systems as well; in fact, many smartphone apps exist that offer turn-by-turn navigation also.

How The Stuff In Your Car Works

The majority of today’s vehicles come standard with Bluetooth.  Bluetooth is a wireless signal that allows compatible devices, like your smartphone, to communicate with each other.  Once your smartphone is connected to the Bluetooth in your vehicle, making and receive hands-free calls is a breeze!  Many vehicles also come with the ability to stream your music wirelessly with the help of […]

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